[Portfolio] Portfolio capabilities added to Learning Capabilities spreadsheet

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You are a Hero of Soviet Labor, overfulfilling the norm once again.


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Dear OSP and T&L Communities

I have just finished a reorganization and rewriting of the Portfolio-related Vignettes from Sakai Confluence and have posted them on rows 74-98 on the Learning Capabilities Google Spreadsheet. The rewrite was necessary because the categories on our Confluence page are different from the categories on the Learning Capabilities spreadsheet. I attempted to fully preserve the intent of our original document.

The Learning Capabilities spreadsheet can be found at http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AlfbHxo2qpHEdHRuSnowVGMwWE9HY1MtVjFpY1dtS0E&hl=en.

I invite comments and critiques from the OSP Community. (Please send them to me directly.) Let's make sure we tell our story well!

T&L friends - we are hopeful that you will see how many similarities there are between the needs of users in our two communities. We look forward to continued collaboration on the functionality of Sakai 3.0!


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