[Portfolio] Portfolio tool QA scripts

Sean Keesler sean at keesler.org
Wed May 20 11:20:18 PDT 2009


Yes, I have seen these. If I read them right. that script asks the
user to create a portfolio from a portfolio template that accepts a
single form type as input. It checks to ensure that the structured
data is presented in the portfolio...but it doesn't check all of the
metadata that isn't (but could be) displayed as part of a portfolio.
It also doesn't test matrices, wizards and files as sources of
input....and all that that entails...

I guess I am hoping that we could test the portfolio tool's ability to
pull together all of the content that it is supposed to for all of the
different input types it deals with. Realizing that testing one
template or another probably will not test that fully, I was hoping we
could agree to something that would be complete enough.

BTW...I am doing that sort of testing for 2.6 now...and would be happy
to continue testing as long as funding is made available.  ;)


On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 2:02 PM, Corey McGarrahan
<corey.mcgarrahan at rsmart.com> wrote:
> Have you seen the scripts located here: http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/confluence/display/OSP/System+Test+Scripts
> They are not up to date as far as I can tell but I'm sure they are a good foundation for developing new scripts.
> As for the area you referenced below, we wrote those scripts with the hope that more would be added by others as they were created but obviously that did not happen. They were also written with a non Sakai person in mind, that is to say that anyone who knew how to use a computer and a web browser could come in and run those scripts. The hope there being that during major releases testers could be hired on to run through manual scripts.
> For now we've been doing a lot of adhoc testing with a little help from a few automated scripts for creating portfolio's with matrices.
> Corey
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> Subject: [Portfolio] Portfolio tool QA scripts
> I see that there is not a QA script for the portfolio tool here:
> http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/confluence/display/QA/New+Test+Plans
> It seems to me that a good QA plan would need to test the interplay
> between the templates tool and the portfolio tool.
> In general:
>  - a template author should be able to add each type of content to a
> template that uses a passthrough stylesheet
>  - the portfolio author should be able to add each type of content to
> the portfolio
>  - the portfolio tool should assemble a correct XML document that
> represents all of the content in the portfolio
> How would you guide a QA tester through the process of verifying that
> the XML document is correct?
> There is no set schema that they could validate it against. Has anyone
> come up with a good way to do that or have suggestions?
> Sean
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