[Portfolio] Graceful failure when a resource isn't there

Sean Keesler sean at keesler.org
Mon May 18 08:31:24 PDT 2009

I filed this as a feature request:

SAK-16348 - Graceful failure when a form resource has been deleted
from a matrix cell


On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 11:35 AM, Sean Keesler <sean at keesler.org> wrote:
> I have frequently found myself in front of a browser looking at links
> to content that are not there (I've deleted them for testing).  This
> happens when an evaluator deletes an evaluation, a student removes a
> form instance or a reviewer deletes a piece of feedback and the
> student still has on their screen the state of things the last time
> they refreshed the page.
> When I click on those links I get the 403 tomcat error that I know I
> will, but I wonder if the system should be a bit smarter and display a
> message that makes sense, like
> "Oops! That piece of content isn't here any longer.
> Someone must have deleted it while you were twiddling your thumbs!"
> for a second and then take the student back to where they were, rather
> than exposing the user that ugly bit.
> Sean

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