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Hi Chris

I have not followed all the details of this discussion, but I can tell you from experience that performance issues with OSP can literally shut down an instance of Sakai. If we have the choice between creating something that dramatically complicates performance and something that does not, I will choose the less complicated option every time. So far the big performance problems have been with the wizard. If the matrix starts generating performance problems (which it has not to date), there will be serious consequences for portfolio implementations. Also as an FYI, at many institutions, only some of the users in portfolio sites actually use the matrix.


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 >  http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/jira/browse/SAK-15822
 >  As a brief summary, the “manage status for all users” functionality will only work if the user has visited the matrix in question (and generated the actual data).
 >  What do people think about having this trigger the creation of matrix data first?
 >  My biggest concern is the performance of creating all that data (if it doesn’t exist).  I would expect that the normal use case here is that most users will have interacted with their matrix by this point.
 >  But, in practice this may not be the case.  I can obviously create a site with 1000 users, create a matrix, and immediately change the status for all users (not the same as changing the cell’s initial status).  This action will create all 1000 user matrices (well, 999 since the author just went to the matrix).
 >  The case that isn’t covered (and I think that it’s okay not to worry about it) is when all the statuses have been changed and a user is added to the site.
 >  So, what do people think about this bulk creation?
 >  Chris 
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