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Good job, Jon! Way to go! 


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Usually people (like me) ask questions or post problems. 
This time I figured I'd share my finished product. I've struggled over this for a long time and learned so much. 

Below is a static version of my (I think) finished product. Not bad for a newbie who asks a lot of stupid questions :) 

BIG TIME Thanks go to : 
: Noah Botimer @ uMich - who's patience and code made this more bearable 
: Erica Ackerman @ uMich - who's direction was invaluable 
: Three Canoes - (Janice Smith / Sean Keesler) - whose PPT and workshop files I downloaded and hammered on continuously 
: Will Trillich @ Serensoft - ripped off bits of his XSL code too 

...cripes I sound like I'm getting an award or something :) I'm just glad to be done ! 

So here's the link for any that care - http://home.messiah.edu/~jwheat/sakai/LanguagePortfolio/out.html 

Disclaimer : This was generated from Oxygen, so links to the PDF files won't work since this is just a static page 


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