[Portfolio] 3 OSP requirements, proposed changes

Charles Hedrick hedrick at rutgers.edu
Tue Jul 14 17:27:00 PDT 2009

We're in the process of doing a portfolio for our grad school of  
education. They're interested in several things. I'd like to do  
something for them, but I prefer not to change code unless there's  

1) They want to be able to see workflow items that have been  
completed. Faculty find it very unsettling that when they approve  
something they can't look at it again. They want to be able to come  
back to it for advising, etc. I looked at the code. It looks pretty  
easy to add an option to getEvaluatablexxx to allow completed as well  
as pending items to be returned.

2) They're interested in various reports. I'm probably going to  
generate them outside the OSP application.

3) They have a problem that you might have some advice about: In NJ  
teachers can be certified to teach in a specific subject area. They're  
going to be submitting examples of work, which should be evaluated by  
faculty in their subject area. That could normally be handled by group  
constraints. However some students are in dual programs. In that case  
they'll be in two groups. So faculty may open a page for evaluation  
and find that its intended for a different group. If they don't  
realize that immediately they could end up processing it anyway, thus  
setting the status to completed, which they wont be able to undo.

We don't want to create a separate site for each discipline, both  
because of the maintenance overhead and because students will want to  
produce web portfolios that use their work from both disciplines. We'd  
like a way for the workflow screen (Evaluations) to have additional  
information so the faculty know whether or not the item pertains to  
them. The easiest thing to implement would be to take the displayName  
from the first form in the page. Another would be to define a specific  
form variable that the code checks for and displays. Do any of these  
approaches seem sensible?

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