[Portfolio] Assignment & matrices

Benneker, W.F.M. W.F.M.Benneker at uva.nl
Tue Jul 14 03:51:08 PDT 2009


I'm building a proof of concept for some teachers.
We are developing the following use case.

A student gets a matrices button in their own my workspace.
It provides access to matrices in different worksites.

The great thing in 2.6 is that we are able to link an assignment to
matrices cell.

Now we are looking the possibity if it is possible to have a assignment
lets say in coursesite A and the teacher needs to link this particular
assignment to a cell in a matrix in coursite B.

The student will access the assignment in the specifice matrixcell
navigating in myworkspace, matrices and click on the matrix containing
the assignment.

Is this possible in 2.6 ?


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Onderwijs & Onderzoekdienstengroep
Universiteit van Amsterdam
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