[Portfolio] T&L Pie-in-the-sky (PITS) thinking and most complex scenarios (MCS)

David Goodrum davidgoodrum at rocketmail.com
Fri Jul 10 08:02:37 PDT 2009

Hi everyone, 

At the Boston Sakai conference, Josh Baron challenged the community to
do some pie-in-the-sky (PITS) thinking about what would be fabulous
activities teachers and students might do in the future using Sakai. 
Stephen Marquard recommended the community create the most complex
scenarios (MCS) to drive Sakai 3 development.  The
teaching and learning community in Sakai should answer the call and
document a collection of powerful ideas and challenging dreams.

There's a new page in the T&L area called 
T&L -- Pie-in-the-sky PITS thinking & most complex cases MCS

Perhaps this could be a place to collect T&L powerful ideas and challenging dreams.

Regards - David 

David Goodrum
Indiana University

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