[Portfolio] new workflow for reviews

Charles Hedrick hedrick at rutgers.edu
Wed Aug 19 15:22:47 PDT 2009

Rutgers is preparing a campus-wide portfolio. We have a very  
decentalized structure. So there's not a single office helping  
students and using it for assessment. Rather, various people will be  
asking students to make entries in their portfolio, and reviewing them:

* first year seminars
* college life people
* courses
* departments
* college staff doing assessment

This makes evaluation using a rubric difficult, because without some  
additional code, we would mix evaluations done by very different  
people for different purposes. Each program may want to review the  
items they have assessed. In general we want to assess individual  
items (forms), not cells.

I've added a new review workflow that keeps track of who the  
assessment was done for. Internally it is a single table. It points to  
an item, a review, a group within the site, and a reviewer. Next to an  
item in a cell, I've added a new command, "submit for review". When a  
student selects that, they get a list of all groups they in, with the  
people in that group who have review permission. The student then  
submits the item to a specific person. (The problem is that a student  
may well be in more than one group that is using the portfolio.)

Reviewers have a listing of all items that have been submitted to them  
for review (and a separate listing of items they have previously  
reviewed). I believe this gives us enough data that we can produce  
reports for a course or a program on items they have reviewed.

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