[Portfolio] REMINDER: Today's Teaching and Learning Call

Josh Baron Josh.Baron at marist.edu
Wed Apr 15 07:18:13 PDT 2009


Usual reminder about the call today at 11:30 AM EDT.  Call-in information 
is on confluence.

I had some local distractions following the call last week (and some 
vacation time) so I apologize for not following up on the last call as I 
had indicated I would.  One of my "to do's" was to circulate information 
on the new "Product Council" and related development process that the 
Foundation has put forward as a new model for developing Sakai.  I'm 
attaching a white paper that Michael Korcuska released last month that 
outlines the new process and the role of the Product Council (please note 
that the plan is fairly high level at this stage, details will be worked 
on as the Product Council forms).  If you are interested, you can also 
watch one of the webinars that Michael ran to review and discuss the new 
plan (note that the audio wasn't working for the first few minutes).  The 
webinar recording is at: 
(along with some additional comments from Michael).

I'm sharing this information as although the proposed process and Product 
Council does not directly call for a new requirements process many folks 
within the community have seen this new model as an opportunity to 
re-launch a requirements process.

There are likely some TWSIA updates to discuss but I would also like to 
dedicate so more time to the discussion around a new requirements process. 
 I have submitted a conference proposal for Boston that would involve a 
"community gathering" around this topic but feel that we need to have some 
solid ideas fleshed out before then to make best use of that face time.

Sorry for the long posting...more to come on the call.


Joshua Baron
Director, Academic Technology and eLearning
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York  12601
(845) 575-3623 (work)
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