[Portfolio] question about default names for saved participant and item-specific feedback forms

Noah Botimer botimer at umich.edu
Thu Apr 9 09:37:13 PDT 2009

Whoops, sorry. I meant ellipsizing the title in the cell view. If  
it's too long, chop the text to preserve the display.

My note about context is that it doesn't take very much text to  
distinguish the forms. It's already a very granular view, so even  
generic titles like "Semester Review" are unlikely to be confused  
between people/cells/whatever.

Remember, these should be meaningful form identifiers, not complete  
descriptions of contents. We can discuss appropriate labels and  
instructions. I think we are agreed that Display Name is leaving us  
wanting. I also propose widening the input box a bit.


On Apr 9, 2009, at 12:23 PM, Ward, Lynn E. wrote:

> So, Noah, I’m a little unclear about what you’re getting at the in  
> the last paragraph.  Are you saying we might want to consider using  
> something other than the form name/type (i.e., feedback, feedback 
> (1), etc.) as the new default  name for saved forms?
> Or were you suggesting that in that case of existing forms with  
> long names we should change the way they display in the cell (for  
> example, only use the first or last so many characters of the name  
> as the anchor for the link to the form)?
> Lynn
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> participant and item-specific feedback forms
> Yes, we have done this in a couple of cases, and have also changed  
> the caption "Display Name". We've done it with javascript in the  
> custom creation XSL. I'd be interested in briefly considering some  
> other options, as it's a workaround.
> I also think that the reflection can often be meaningfully titled,  
> while feedback and evaluation forms are rather unlikely to be. The  
> right place for the decision is probably in the form definition.  
> Regardless of approach, the field could be visually lengthened as  
> well.
> As far as long titles, we can also ellipsize them. There is a lot  
> of context in the cell view; the text only serves to distinguish  
> items of the same type, in the same cell, for the same person, for  
> the same purpose. I don't see any problem in abbreviating them.  
> We'd just have to think if it should be at the end or in the middle.
> Thanks,
> -Noah
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