[WG: I18N & L10N] Sakai 2.9.2-rc02 testing status - new QA server online

Neal Caidin nealcaidin at sakaifoundation.org
Wed May 15 05:31:42 PDT 2013

Please continue to help with testing RC02 - release candidate 02 for Sakai CLE 2.9.2 

We now have two QA servers, one with the default security settings (AntiSamy off) and one with the most restrictive security settings (AntiSamy on/high).  Details on the Test Plan at https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/QA/2.9+Test+Fest

QA check-in tomorrow morning, Thursday, May 16 at 9 am Eastern / 1 pm GMT 
When: Thursday, May 16, at 9 am Eastern / 1 pm GMT

Default Dial-in Number:+1-323-375-2185

Your Conference Code: 8600146 

Join Online: 

Find a Dial in number in your city: 

Add ‘calliflowerskype’ as a contact in Skype.  You can then call Calliflower directly from Skype. 


Neal Caidin

Sakai CLE Community Coordinator
nealcaidin at sakaifoundation.org
Skype: nealkdin
AIM: ncaidin at aol.com

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