[WG: I18N & L10N] Have you updated translations for 2.8 or later

Raúl Enrique Mengod López rmengod at cc.upv.es
Thu Mar 7 07:09:20 PST 2013

The Spanish - Spain locale is still beeing maintained by UPV and SAMOO.

The contact person in the files is out of date.

The new contact person at UPV is Valerio Cerní. vacercon at upvnet.upv.es


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Before asking people mentioned on
I thought it was better to ask here.

I would like to know which ones of you are maintaining a Locale.

If your email isn't in readme_i18n.txt and you still want to keep it
private, you can answer me privately.

Otherwise, I think answering on list will be better for the community.

Please note, I will update the readme_i18n.txt file myself.

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