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The two books are very different and just because of that they are the perfect complement.

Our book is focused on the daily issues you can find when you have a Sakai in production. We also have an extense overview (with examples) of how to develop tools/services for Sakai remembering key issues as i18n or accesibility. Ah...it's in Spanish though the publisher is considering to publish it in English.

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Wow - well done!

How does it differ from the Berg / Korcuska tome?


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|     Dear Sakai Community friends,
|     First of all, I'm sorry for the cross-posting.
|      I'm very glad to announce you that a new book about Sakai has just
| be published. You can find a description at
| http://www.ra-ma.es/libros/SAKAI-ADMINISTRACION-CONFIGURACION-Y-
| DESARROLLO-DE-APLICACIONES/29687/978-84-9964-067-9.
|      The book is about how to administer and set up a Sakai-based
| campus and also describes how to develop applications and services in a
| Sakai environment. You'll find there the summarized experience of
| Daniel Merino
| (Universidad Pública de Navarra), Raúl Mengod (Universidad Politécnica
| de Valencia) and myself, David Roldán Martínez (Universidad Politécnica
| de Valencia and Sakai QA lead for i18n).
|      Next March 30th 19.00 GMT+1 will take a place a public
| presentation at Casa del Libro de Valencia (Spain) together with the
| visit that Ian Dolphin and Alan Berg (alias the "prologuer") to
| Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and Sakai Spanish Universities
| (S2U) meeting.  I also would like to thank Ian and Alan their
| attendance to the book presentation and they role as key note speakers
| during it. Of course, whoever wanting to attend, will be welcome.
|       Cheers,
|           David
| PD: Ups...I'm afraid almost all the text is hardcoded in Spanish so
| probably you will suffer some i18n bugs. Please, don't JIRA them. :D

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